An R & D protocol was signed between Pimtaş Plastic and Okan University.
In addition to the company officials of Pimtaş Corp., located in the Gebze Plastics Producers Industrial Zone, the rector of Okan University, Şule Kut,attended to the ceremony for the protocol. Pimtaş A.Ş.Chairman of the Board of Directors Şamil Tahmaz, in his speech at the signing ceremony of the protocol, Şamil Tahmaz, said: "In order to make a difference in production, information-based innovation and qualified manpower are needed.That is why we are meeting today.
We will be in cooperation with Okan University, one of the leading institutions of our country, in the fields of Research/Development/Project management and education."Regarding the PIMTAŞ Company, Tahmaz stated "With more than 40 years of industry experience, we have 100 tons production capacity per day in 30 thousand square meters indoor area. Our company exports to 90 countries, 7 regions of our country in the construction, agriculture, tourism and industry with a product range of more than 8000 varieties".Rector Şule Kut said thatattended this project was an exemplary work on behalf of university-industry cooperation and stated that a successful result would be achieved.Following the speeches, representatives of the institutions signed the protocol on R & D cooperation.