Les directeurs départementaux d'Istanbul et de Kocaeli sont à Pimtaş A.Ş. en voie d'évolution de R&D et de technologie

Istanbul and Kocaeli Provincial Directors at Pimtaş Corp.

in the way to R & D and Technological Growth Ümit Ünal, Master Architect / Industry and Technology Provincial Director for Istanbul and İlhan Aydın, Industry and Technology Provincial Director for Kocaeli visited our company and made inspections on site.

Istanbul Assistant Industrial and Technology Provincial Director Architect Ümit Ünal emphasized the importance of these companies that contribute to the Turkish economy by investing in R & D and technology, and saId: ""Pimtaş exports to 105 countries today after 40 years of experience in the production of plastic construction materials. As the ministry and provincial directorates, it is important for us to support these industrialists who are involved in making domestic and national production, as well as moving overseas resources to our country"".